We bring you closer to one-to-one digital partner marketing at scale.


We provide the data, insights and technology to help you maximize your returns.


We help you understand and control your partner sales within a branded private program.


We help you maximize the effectiveness of your program across multiple partner types.


Our easy-to-use platform will help you capitalize on digital partner marketing and grow your program.

With our advanced SaaS platform ExactView, you'll get:

Optimized marketing planning

Reshape your program and drive growth with in-depth, real-time reporting at scale that you can combine with your product, site and consumer data.

A common viewpoint

Share the same view of online and mobile performance across your company with standardized reporting, data, payments and toolsets.

Consolidated reporting

View multiple online and mobile datasets on a single platform: from aggregators, metapartners, affiliates, media partners, comparison shopping engines, and social media worldwide.

More strategic relationships

Manage your partner relationships in a customized way – thanks to real-time data that helps you understand the value of your partners and your customers.

Automated program management

Manage even the most complex programs more easily with automated commissions, creative and global payments.

The support you need

A named client manager to help you and your partners get the best out of the platform – backed by a multilingual support team for day-to-day queries.

With our advanced SaaS platform ExactView, you'll get:

Improved marketing effectiveness

Channel our reporting and insights to better understand the role each partner plays in the path to conversion, including in the expanding mobile arena. Then reshape your program in a more focused and margin-led way.

Superior margins

Improve your margins by applying commissions to any variable – such as airline route or hotel name – thanks to our unique meta-commissioning capabilities.

Standardized reporting

View local, regional and global activity from multiple partners on a single dashboard, so you can compare and optimize performance across multiple programs and partner types effortlessly – and increase your returns.

Enhanced relationships

Build relationships with your partners to improve performance together thanks to the ability to allow them to consume as much data as you wish in real time via our API.

Unlimited tracking of metadata

See unlimited amounts of metadata – right down to the class of travel – to better understand the profitability of each sale.

Direct payments to partners

Transform how your partners receive funds with monthly, weekly or even daily payments in more than 40 currencies directly into their bank accounts.

"Performance Horizon has given us the flexibility to effectively monitor our global performance and the opportunity to expand the level at which we can market our products."

George Gray, Global Acquisition, Online Partnership Manager BA

"Working with Performance Horizon has successfully allowed KLM to take our global partner program in-house. This is broadening our strategy and commissioning options and allowing us to create one-to-one partner marketing strategies."

Alicia Solis, Affiliate Marketing Manager KLM

"Performance Horizon capture an unlimited amount of data parameters in real time, which is pivotal in understanding the transactional behavior of our customers as well as providing key customer insight."

Charlotte Dawson, Partnership Manager Travel Supermarket

See how insight from our platform helped improve the effectiveness of the British Airways program, delivering a 71% increase in bookings on chosen routes. View full Case Study ›

With our advanced SaaS platform ExactView, you'll get:

Partner insight

Reach a common understanding of the role each partner plays in a single sale as well as how they impact shopper frequency and basket size – then work together to build one-to-one partner marketing strategies.

Integrated, in-depth reporting

Work with multiple partners and view performance right down to sale or product level on our platform. You'll also have the data you need to decide how best to work with different partners.

A private partner program

Control whom you share performance data with, thanks to a branded, invite-only program on our platform – giving you the insights to drive incremental growth and value.

Straightforward program management

Save time with automated commissions and creative, so you can devote more energy to strengthening relationships with your partners to grow your program.

Controlled coupon distribution

Use our coupon code management platform to decide which codes can be used by which partners. You can also reduce the risk of diluted margins and unlicensed sharing by ensuring you only pay out on allocated partner codes.

Promotional and brand control

Reduce risk and admin – thanks to the ability to control and schedule when commissions, creative and feeds are updated, right down to the hour.

"Working with Performance Horizon has allowed Sainsbury's to drive year-on-year growth with our affiliate program. Everything from migration, on-going support to tech development has been perfect."

Dave Smith, Digital Acquisition & Search Manager Sainsbury's

"Even though we are one of their smaller clients, the team jump on any queries, demo requests, even technical alterations. They are extremely personable, proactive and helpful, and I couldn't recommend them more."

Alex Harrington-Griffin, Strategic Partnerships Manager

"Working with Performance Horizon has facilitated Trend Micro's rollout across key markets."

Jorg Gammanick, Online Marketing Director - EMEA region Trend Micro

With our advanced SaaS platform ExactView, you'll get:

Better visibility to drive growth

Capitalize on real-time reporting to drive growth with a more efficient Enhanced Cost-Per-Click metric. You can see data such as comparison table positioning, with partner-sub network and media acquisition performance.

Enhanced understanding

Recognize the value your partners play in the path to conversion and understand Click-to-Application rate, lost sales and partner touchpoints.

Consolidated reporting of partners

Understand and view the performance of multiple different partners in a single view – to support more effective marketing planning.

Consolidated reporting of products

Compare the online and mobile performance of different financial products (credit cards, loans, mortgages) in real time on a single dashboard – so you know whether they're on track.

Improved compliance

Stay compliant thanks to automated program management. With our best-in-class technology, you can be sure that the right offer is linked to the right creative.

Easier program management

Save time with automated commissions and creative, so you can devote more energy to strengthening relationships and driving growth.

"ExactView enabled us to consolidate all of our activity in a single real-time dashboard across affiliates and aggregators. This dramatically reduced the admin requirements, allowing us to focus on strategy, communication and relationships."

Ryan Willis, Head of Digital Acquisition & Loyalty Santander

"There are tangible benefits when working with Performance Horizon. The real-time data is invaluable and helps us to be able to plan and optimize better than we have been able to before."

Helen Thomas, Senior Partnership Manager

See how we helped a financial services comparison site get great visibility of real-time campaign performance. View full Case Study ›

With our advanced SaaS platform ExactView, you'll get:

Smarter margin control

Create specific margin-focused commission strategies to drive ARPU and reduce churn. You'll be able to hang commission on any piece of data – handset, contract length, data bundle or even customer type.

Understanding partner value

Understand the role each partner plays within the path to conversion and reward their contribution appropriately. We overlay partners on complex product and performance data to show you their true value.

Unlimited data consumption

View all your basket-level data in real time, via our pixel or API in the exact format you need – reducing the time spent on administration and frustrating, pivot-based exercises.

Superior partner relationships

Share an unrivalled volume of data via API with your partners so they can optimize their media acquisition strategy to increase sales.

Simplified program management

Get more time to focus on partners and strategy thanks to automated program management – which reduces the level of resource required.

Customized integration and configuration

Ask us to configure your partner-, category- and product-level reporting to see the exact reports you need to support decision-making and drive growth.