Our best-in-class technology solution will strengthen your value to existing and potential clients – so you stand out from the crowd.

Enhanced ROI

Maximize your clients' returns on their marketing spend by reshaping their digital partner marketing programs to drive growth.

Strategy optimization

Improve your value to clients by using powerful insights from our platform to support marketing planning and make their programs more effective.

Superior understanding

Help your clients get closer to their digital partners and consumers with consolidated reporting of multiple partners in real time.

Private in-house networks

Reassure clients that they never need to worry about their data and practice being shared with others – thanks to our customized technology.

Improved efficiency

Revolutionize your team's workloads with automated commissions, creative and global payments – freeing up time to focus on growing your clients' business.

Day-to-day support

A global network of support hubs to help you get the best out of the platform and resolve everyday queries.

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"The Performance Horizon tracking platform is very impressive in its reporting flexibility and functionality. Real-time pivoting empowers the marketer to manipulate data on the fly to see which campaigns are performing, what products are moving, and which markets are succeeding. The platform also provides the ability to maneuver across different currencies, which enables the global retailer to have a fully instantaneous understanding of all markets."

Carolyn Tang Kmet, CMO All Inclusive Marketing