Calculate your potential business impact


The forecaster below estimates the revenue increase as well as the profitability gains that can be achieved by utilizing the Performance Horizon ExactView™ application and the Performance Horizon platform. The calculations are based on experiences with Performance Horizon clients, decades of affiliate and performance marketing industry experience, decades of vertical knowhow as well as decades of deploying best practices across marketing partner management. We even offer guidance on revenue gain and profitability improvement expectations across a peer group.

The forecasting calculator can be used for USD, GBP and EUR since the order of magnitude for these three currencies is reasonably close. If you use a different currency, please convert that currency to one of these three or a similar order of magnitude (i.e. Japanese Yen, please divide by 100).

While Performance Horizon considers the calculation proprietary, a large number of assumptions leading to the results are displayed on the results page. In return for the use of the calculator, we are asking for your name and email information. If you would like to see the peer group results, please add your company name and contact information. We hope that seems like a fair trade. Of course, individual experiences vary greatly and our team will be able to provide more detailed information.

Economic Impact Calculator Map