The most complete performance platform

Unrivalled tracking, reporting, global payment capability and partner management from our SaaS platform, ExactView.

Introducing Insights

Now that smart data is replacing big data, we've created a set of additional tools to give you unrivalled insights into your data, partner activity and customer behavior.

Mobile App Tracking

With mobile advertising spend increasing year on year, we help you measure which partners drive ROI and activity – so you can optimize your mobile marketing. Our Software Development Kit (SDK) supports both Android and iOS native apps to give you a full picture.

In-depth reporting

We capture unrestricted amounts of data via pixel or API, giving you and your partners powerful, actionable reporting in real time to support decision-making.

Multiple datasets on one platform

We consolidate reporting from online and mobile performance partners via a single login: integrated data from aggregators, metapartners, affiliates, media partners, comparison shopping engines and social media worldwide.

More valuable shared data

We provide in-depth insights that can be shared between advertisers and partners – so you can build stronger relationships, identify value and improve performance.

Many views: one platform

Double-pivot functionality allows you to manipulate data on ExactView without spreadsheets – and show anything from the performance of a single country to a global program.

Efficient program management

We automate the scheduling of commissions, changing of creative and communications with partners, so you have more time to focus on driving growth.

Global payments

We make same-day, accurate payments in more than 40 currencies to partners worldwide once you release the funds – through our finance partner American Express.

Robust, scalable infrastructure

Our market-leading technology tracks over 1 billion clicks a month and 6 million mobile transactions a day.

Seamless integration

We'll set up and configure ExactView to meet your needs – and provide tools, training and support to help partners migrate to your program

Ongoing support

We provide a global network of service centers so you get the best out of the platform. Plus ongoing support in over 80 languages.


For Advertisers

In an era when every brand is seeking to reach consumers directly, we bring you closer to one-to-one digital marketing at scale

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For Partners

With increased measurability of effectiveness empowering brands to spend more on digital partner marketing, we'll help you maximize your share of their budgets.

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For Agencies

With brands increasingly using online and mobile to get closer to consumers, our best-in-class technology solution strengthens your value to existing and potential clients – so you stand out from the crowd.

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Rejection rate

Pinpoint trends relating to post-sales rejections with data identifying changes in rejection rate between two time periods – both as a campaign average and by partner.

Top 5 products by market

Get a full overview of the performance of your campaigns and of partner activity worldwide – thanks to a barchart showing the top 5 converting products, stacked by currency. You can sort it by number of conversions, amount of commission, or order value for greater insight.

Click-to-conversion time

Deepen your customer understanding with a dot–plot displaying the average length of time between an initial click and a conversion, so you can design strategies and optimize the user journey.

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Unlimited event tracking

Track every type of mobile event – from app downloads and sign-ups through to in-app purchases, bonuses and upgrades worldwide. Now you can centralize global marketing activity at scale for total control.

Deep linking

Customize the user experience with mobile deep linking to specific content – for more lucrative mobile spend.

Real-time reporting

Identify trends by partner as they happen – so you can modify activity in real time with your most valuable partners. We track all events straight away via the SDK – and show them immediately on ExactView and through our API.

Shared insights

Collaborate with partners to improve their performance by allowing them to view shared insights. We provide all your mobile partners with an event-rich, real-time view of performance – either via the partner ExactView login or via the API.

Partner payments

Simplify your mobile app marketing activities with our global payment service. We can pay out in over 45 currencies allowing you to consolidate your partner activity and streamline international growth

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